What others are saying about
  Larr & Associates...
"For many years, PMC did all of this work in-house. I was personally involved for many of those years. Larr & Associates has been handling this for all of the companies in our group for the last several years. Larrs' work ethic, accuracy and follow through are excellent."
Paul Znidar
PMC-Colinet, Inc.
"We outsource our stuff to Larr and Associates. They do a great job and it is worth every penny they charge."
Mark F. Miazga
Parker Hannifin Corporation

"You are the best thing that ever happened to K-Tek - Thank you."
Correne Attuso
"Through your combined efforts we were able to ship the product and present documents to the banks in conformity with the requirements of the L/C. Best of all, there were apparently no discrepancies and accordingly, no added charges or payment delays.
Special thanks for putting together the required documents and presenting to the bank. Your valued advice on the front end and expertise in post shipment document preparation resulted in zero discrepancies and timely payment.
Again, Thanks to everyone and Larr & Associates!"
Dale Siggelkow
Chart Industries Inc.